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Top 8 Job Oriented Courses After Mechanical Engineering In India - Eduz

Mechanical engineering is one of the popular and oldest disciplines of engineering in India. But there are lots of mechanical engineers who are still jobless because of skill deficiency. However, there are several job oriented courses after mechanical engineering which may help aspirants to bag a reputable job. Lack of jobs for ME (Mechanical engineering) aspirant is also difficult because of the increasing competition in market. If you are also a ME aspirant and looking for a job oriented courses for mechanical engineers then it is suggested to join such a course which is in demand today specially in IT sector.

Today there are lots of institute in India that are providing job oriented course under summer training or winter training program. These courses are of short term approx. 3 to 4 month which can be don easily during summer vacation. Many mechanical engineering student can’t get extra time to learn some useful skills but these short term internship course will be very beneficial for them to edge their skills. You may found lots of job oriented courses in mechanical engineering, but digital marketing, programming language, electronics and similar courses should be a good option because there is a large scope in the IT industry.

As final year of engineering knocks the door, it is obvious for aspirants to start thinking about options for their future. The courses listed here will not only give you in-depth knowledge but will also help you to get a lucrative job offers upon completing them.

Trending Job Oriented Courses After Mechanical Engineering


1.) Digital Marketing Training Course :

It is one of the best job oriented courses which can be pursued along with or after Mechanical Engineering. Digital marketing provide an easy way to gain lead and generate revenue. Whether it is small company of MNC, every organization today is using digital marketing and they are always in search of professional. In this course you will learn various aspects of digital marketing such as SEO, SEM, PPC etc. Different institute offer this course under summer training program so that aspirants who doesn’t get enough time from their regular study can also avail it and learn some extra skill. Professional digital marketer are always in demand and companies offer a good package for their work.

2.) WordPress Designing Training Course :

WordPress is one of the most powerful and preferred CMS because of its great user interface. Today it is also among top job oriented courses for mechanical engineers. There are many institute in India that offers WordPress designing training under Internship course which is a good chance for aspirant to add extra skill in their CV. So if you have completed Mechanical Engineering or pursuing it, you can do WordPress designing training as job oriented course. This course will teach about how to design an interactive WordPress site that meet the demand of clients and help them to reach more customer. Once you gain depth knowledge of WordPress or start developing site then lots of options will open for you then you will be hired as WordPress Developer.

3.) Affiliate Marketing Training Course :

Future of affiliate marketing is very bright specially in India. It is a trendy as well as job oriented courses in mechanical engineering aspirants. Almost every business today is depend upon digital marketing and affiliate marketing is the next big thing of digital marketing. Affiliate marketing is a process in which you can earn commission for marketing and promoting any company’s product. Students who are pursuing or completed Mechanical Engineering can do Affiliate Marketing Training as job oriented course. If you can’t get time from your hectic schedule, you can do this course easily under summer training or winter training program. Aspirants who are looking for a long term carrier, affiliate marketing is the best option for them.

4.) PHP & MYSQL Training Course :

PHP & MYSQL are among top and most preferred programming language because it allow to create high performance web application. It is also among job oriented courses after mechanical engineering and its aim is to make you professional PHP and MYSQL developer. Once you have complete and proper command on these programming languages, you can easily handle any kind of project which is offered to you. This training course will sharp your skills and make you capable to make a dynamic website for your business or for others. PHP & MYSQL is easy to learn and there is a great scope for a developer of these programming language.

5.) Java Training Course :

Nowadays, Java has become default choice when it comes to create application. The main reason behind this is because Java is considered as safe, maintainable, portable and it comes with high concurrency tools if compare to any other programming language. Java training is among trendy job oriented courses which you can do after or while pursuing Mechanical Engineering. Java is object oriented language which is easy to learn, write and debug than other programming language. Many companies today are in search for a professional Java developer who is capable to create high performance mobile as well as website application. So if you master this programming language, your future will be bright.

6.) CC++ Programming Training Course :

CC++ is also among most used general purpose programming language and it is first step of journey toward IT field. Aspirants of Mechanical Engineering can do this training as job oriented course because it has lots of scope. After learning this course, one can make career as a programmer. Apart from programmer, master in these programming language will open several option towards your career such as game developer, software developer, cyber expert, IoT developer and many more. CC++ training is also offered as Internship course which brings a good opportunity for mechanical engineering to get in-depth knowledge in these language. It is really a good course if you want your career in programming or IT field.

7.) MATLAB Training Course :

MATLAB training is also an excellent programming language which is used in different field for different reason. MATLAB has lots of advantages over any other languages or method and hence it is very suitable job oriented courses in mechanical engineering. However, it has different use but it is basically utilized for various engineering related work and applied to solve complex mathematical equation. Today MATLAB is used in different industry such as Aerospace, Automobile, Computational science, Embedded system and more. So if you gain a good command on this language and become professional then lots of jobs are waiting for you.

8.) AutoCAD Training Course :

AutoCAD is basically 2D and 3D drafting computer aided software which is used for numerous application, such as making blueprints for bridges, buildings, computer chip etc. There is a vast use of AutoCAD in different industry such as automobile designing, machine design, electrical assemblies, civil application and more. AutoCAD training is also among top job oriented courses after mechanical engineering which helps aspirant to make a better future. At present, AutoCAD is among major drafting and drawing application which is used worldwide. There are lots of small and big industry that are using this software and searching for experienced AutoCAD designer.

So, if you are a Mechanical engineering aspirant and searching for a job oriented course, you can select any course mentioned above. There are many organization and institute that offer these courses in short time and also provide a certificate which eventually help you to get a reputable job.